National Supermarket Chain

A leading National Supermarket chain was looking to install an energy sub-metering system across 530 of its stores, nationally. The proposed system would need to integrate with their existing Energy Management Centre (EMC), monitoring energy consumption data on their refrigeration, air-conditioning, and lighting so that they could remotely track energy consumption and take action in real-time.

S.J. Electric was awarded the project as the client not only needed a proven partner in large scale, national rollouts but also one that had a multi-disciplined team that could manage the project from cradle to grave, encompassing sourcing the Sub-Metering system, developing the roll-out program and then implementing installation (retrofitting 530 of the clients’ Stores with Sub-metering across Australia) with minimal disruption to store trading.

The scope of the project included:

  • The Manufacture of 530 enclosures to house the Sub-Meter components and Clients gateway equipment.
  • The Installation of all field sub-metering hardware including Current Transformers, Meters, interconnecting cabling and communication devices.
  • The Configuration of the various equipment and ensuring validation of the collected data.
  • Establishing a connection to the Clients network.
  • The supply of a QA and document submission to the clients’ stringent standards.

The project was not without its challenges, the most noticeable being that 530 stores needed to be rolled out over a 7-month period. A project of this size required excellent communication and commitment from all parties involved across the multiple departments and states and really highlighted the advantage S.J Electric has of having offices and teams across the country.

The complex project was delivered on time and through the installation of this metering solution (as well as other control systems) the client’s Energy Management Team was able to extract data in granular level detail on critical energy assets that have and will continue to deliver significant energy savings.

Client: National Supermarket Chain

Date: October 24, 2019