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SEGURA Modular Switchboards

At Trivantage we are continually pushing the boundaries to find better, faster, cheaper and more reliable components or methods with which to build our electrical switchboards. With the expertise of several of Australia’s leading electrical switchboard manufacturers all under the one roof, we’re combining IP from all our engineers to innovate switchboard technology that will drive modular boards into the future.

In keeping with the spirit of our innovative approach and commitment to a safer industry, the Trivantage Manufacturing division has developed a full range of electrical switchboards that are compliant with the new Standards Australia AS/NZS 61439.1:2016 (will supersede AS/NZS 3439). Even though manufacturer compliance will not be applicable until 2021, the Trivantage Manufacturing team decided to call on our 50 plus years of switchboard manufacturing expertise and knowledge to develop a new and improved switchboard. After 12 months of internal development, Trivantage Manufacturing is proud to introduce the SEGURA range of switchboards. The SEGURA switchboard range is 100% Australian designed and manufactured and comprise of Fully Type Tested (Design Verified to AS/NZS 61439.1:2016) Modular Main Switchboards and Motor Control Centres through to an IP42 Modular Distribution Board System and Meter panels.

The Trivantage SEGURA modular range is manufactured locally in our Melbourne and Brisbane workshops and is constructed using non-welded pre determined module sizes.

The SEGURA modular switchboards provide a range of advantages such as:

  • Safe and reliable electric power distribution
  • The system is tested and documented by leading and independent test laboratories
  • Ease of making changes and rearrangements to the switchboard
  • Freedom to select electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer.
  • Easy expansion of your solution at any time
  • Shorter lead times

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The SEGURA-P and SEGURA-M modular range of electrical switchboards are designed to enhance quality and safety and with a comprehensive range of modular compartments and tier configurations providing the flexibility to customise to specific customer needs.

The SEGURA-P and SEGURA-M are completed in-house from start to finish including the metalwork construction, busbar work and electrical fit out, thus ensuring the highest standard of quality is maintained throughout the construction process
Specifications and Features

• Fully design verified to AS/NZS 61439.1:2016
• Constructed from 2mm Zinc Anneal Sheetmetal and Powdercoated to Customer Specification
• Short Circuit Withstand Ratings of 50kA / 1sec, 65kA / 1sec, 80ka / 1sec and 50kA / 3 sec
• Temperature rise verification to clause 10.10 of AS61439.1.2016
• Standard and Special arc fault containment for 65kA 415V prospective fault level (Annex ZD.5 & Annex ZD.6)
• Extendable design for future expansion
• Resting clamp busbar joints for ease of installation and disconnection
• Compact design for a more efficient footprint
• Safety assured with complete arc fault testing on entire switchboard
• Enhanced selectivity
• Generous cable termination zones
• Fully adaptable• Arc Fault Containment for ratings up to 3200A.
• Ingress Protection ratings IP42, IP54 & IP66 making suitable for outdoor, plant room and indoor situations
• Operational Voltage 690V
• Front connected depth 600mm, Back connected depth 800mm, Back to Back connected depth 1050mm
• Various forms of segregation Form 1- 4B
• Stainless steel and aluminium versions available
• Modular designed compartments and tiers
• Demountable compartments with plug-in design (plug-in feeder modules)
• Rear mounted top, centre and bottom busbar arrangement
• Main busbars extendable both ends
• Vertical dropper busbars 3 and 4 pole arrangement
• Top and bottom cable entry and exit


Our innovative SEGURA-D distribution board has been designed by experienced electrical technicians to meet the highest Australian standards. Our distribution boards have all the standard features you would expect but also have options that provide the flexibility and space you need to work comfortably and efficiently. The SEGURA range of distribution boards is compact and versatile while retaining the key safety features of our standard range to ensure safety is a priority.

The SEGURA IP56 rated distribution board had been designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Segura Distribution Boards are built to the highest Australian standards with a high-quality finish and are adaptable for a wide range of switchgear brands

Specifications and Features

• Available up to 630A main switch
• 24 to 108 pole
• Panelboard depth 270mm including door (door = 20mm)
• Removable top and bottom gland plates
• Schedule holder
• Surface wall mounted or freestanding
• Slotted duct for better cable management
• Top and/or bottom Din knock-out facility (30 Module wide)
• IP Rating 42 up to IP56
• 650mm wide various heights up to 2000mm
• Double screw, split earth and neutral bars fitted
• Equipped with sturdy flush lock
• . Hinged door
• Key lockable
• Removable/reversible door

Our innovative SEGURA-MP Meter Panel has been designed by experienced electrical technicians to meet the highest Australian standards. Our boards have all the standard features you would expect but also have options that provide the flexibility and space you need to work comfortably and efficiently.

Specifications and Features

• Hinged meter panel
• Panelboard depth 270mm including door (door = 20mm)
• Side hinge door
• Removable door
• Surface wall mounted or freestanding
• Meets the National Supply Authority Specifications for each State
• 1.6mm fully welded construction
• Removable hinged electrical panel
• IP rating 23 minimum
• Schedule holder