Refrigeration & Mechanical Services Switchboards

Trivantage Manufacturing provides switchboards for the control and protection of mechanical services equipment such as building lifts, air conditioning, climate control and ventilation systems.

A Trivantage mechanical services switchboard will help your business manage mechanical electrical operations by combining all system controls in one accessible location. A custom Trivantage solution can be manufactured according to your specific business requirements.

You may have a number of applications in mind for your new control centre, so we have listed the following commonly requested systems for which switchboards are installed:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Chiller Plants
  • Ventilation systems
  • Smoke Control System
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Building management systems (office buildings, factories, stores, shopping centres etc.)

Our switchboard features

  • Design Verified, Modular & Custom Built
  • Fixed, Demountable, Plug in or Fully Withdrawable Options
  • 100A up to 6300A
  • Type Tested for up to 80kA for 1 Sec Fault Level Withstand
  • Various Forms of Segregation including Form 1, Form 3B & Form 4B
  • Arc Fault Containment to AS61439.1
  • Protection Rated Custom-made enclosures up to IP56
  • Front Connect, Back Connect or Back to Back Designs
  • Incorporation of other Equipment e.g. PLC or Power Factor Correction