Leading Australian Mining Company

SEME Solutions has successfully implemented a number of security system integration projects for one of Australia’s largest mining companies over the years as well as providing ongoing service & maintenance works for their CCTV and Access Control systems on their sites throughout Australia.

In Queensland the client had been running a number of different CCTV systems across their operations and was struggling to support their many internal clients in the delivery of a reliable and simple to operate CCTV system, let alone a centralised system that was accessible from any point of the organisation.

To improve the overall stability and capability of their video management for local and remote operators, our client decided to implement a single VMS platform for all of their coal operation sites. Stage 1 of the project was the installation of the central database, making it operational in the most basic form to serve their immediate needs. Stage 1 did not include any attempt to clean up the systems or consolidate the orphaned or unknown systems from their sites. SEME Solutions were brought in at Stage 2 to assist with the further rollout of the system. We were tasked with cleaning up all of the known existing site systems, as well as identifying those that were not on site or currently in other departments.

Starting with two systems that were installed separately of each other in the Brisbane office and more than twenty systems across the Coal operation sites, we transferred 150 cameras into the Brisbane database and formulated a hit list of others to work from.

Over the following months, SEME staff worked with our client’s team, identifying all the cameras in the field and tracking down the required details of known and unknown cameras and systems. This resulted in the successful addition of another 800 cameras to the network and the removal of half a dozen of the local/orphaned systems from site.

Our client now has a centralised VMS that is providing access to more cameras for more operators than ever before, which is helping operators to have a greater overview of their work and situational awareness.

SEME Solutions ability to work with the client long term and our technical ability to understand and work within the limits of the client’s network has led to a CCTV environment that can be centrally supported and monitored to provide a stable and reliable product to their internal clients.

Client: Leading Mining Company

Date: May 30, 2019