Embracia case study

168-bed Aged Care Facility

Embracia were in the process of building a 168-bed Aged Care Facility when their original electrical contractor went into receivership. We were approached by the client to provide a cost-effective solution. By working hand in hand with them, we turned the project around to deliver it on time, on budget, meeting all client expectations.


Client Name: Embracia

Location: Avondale Heights

Project Value: $3 million

Start Date: June 2016

Completion Date: March 2017

Some big problems needed to be solved by the time we came on board. The project had been severely underquoted by the previous electrical contractor, most of the electrical work was incomplete and, of the work that had been completed, a lot of it was incorrect or not up to code.

The first thing we did was re-evaluate the project. Through our extensive experience, we were able to identify the problems and put together a solutions process to fix them. This also allowed us to demonstrate our expertise to the client, start to earn their trust and begin to build a relationship – extremely important aspects of any project.

We then finished the design to light and power, as well as the final circuitry, and completed the electrical work, communications, security and nurse call. Throughout the entire process we worked extremely closely with our client, also liaising with other service providers including end user, architects, surveyors, electrical consultants and the power authority.

The project was turned around and ran on time and on budget. We commissioned the site, ensuring all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components worked as an integrated system. Given our strict approach to quality control and safety, our client can rest assured knowing works meet the highest industry standards.

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