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SEGURA Modular Switchboards

AS/NZ 61439.1:2016 Compliant Modular Electrical Switchboards

When Standards Australia notified the industry of new standard AS/NZ 61439.1:2016 in 2016, we listened. Trivantage Manufacturing has spent the last 12 months developing a full range of 100% Australian designed and manufactured modular switchboards from Fully Type Tested (Design Verified) Modular Main Switchboards (SEGURA-P), Motor Control Centres (SEGURA-M) and (SEGURA-E) MSB through to an IP42 Modular Distribution Board System (SEGURA-D) and Meter Panel (SEGURA-MP).

SEGURA-P Main Switchboard
SEGURA-P Main Switchboard

Electrical switchboard safety has a new name!

SEGURA means safe, sure, secure, reliable & dependable with the SEGURA switchboard capable of withstanding a 65,000A Arc Fault at any position in the switchboard (including line side & main busbar). The innovative modular design was put to the test and proven under the most onerous line size load size arc fault testing, the structure containing the arc fault in all areas of the switchboard. Although the new SEGURA range is a modular product, Trivantage Manufacturing has all the in-house capabilities to build any fully customised switchboard. Trivantage are proud that the new range of modular switchboards will deliver the highest level of operator safety in Australia

The safer, innovative new family of SEGURA modular switchboards will provide Trivantage customers with a 100% Australian designed and manufactured end-to-end switchboard solution from one source of supply.

The innovative SEGURA range of switchboards have been designed with the markets needs in mind, delivering;

Ultimate safety for the operator

A Modular, flexible product – demountable modular designed compartments and tiers with plug in design for increased flexibility

Greatly reduced delivery lead times

A compact design (total depth including doors is 650mm) for a more efficient footprint

Top and bottom cable entry & exit

Flexible Cable Zone sizing for ease of connection of outgoing cables

Extendable design for future expansion

24/7 service and maintenance options

Extended warranty options


SEGURA-P Main Switchboards

SEGURA-M Motor Control Centres

SEGURA-E Main Switchboard (E)conomy

SEGURA-D Distribution Boards

SEGURA-MP Meter Panels

To find out more about the innovative new range of SEGURA modular switchboards call us now on 1800 SEGURA (1800 734 872)

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